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Formulated by Dr. Steven L. Ringler, Director of the Hair Restoration Institute.
The ultimate synergy of HPx  products for the outmost results benefits of the Ekakshi Oil Complex® covers all the 3 Step Process from roots to ends.

1 – It increases blood flow and oxygen levels in the hair follicle generating growth.
It greatly improves density thickness and volume.
2 – It Increases overall strength giving hair cortex and cuticles optimum levels of vitality, elasticity and durability.
3 - Achieve outstanding bountiful quality hair no matter what texture your hair is
from fine to medium curly or coiled, reap the ultimate benefits when using the whole collection.

What's Included: 

  • HPx Ekakshi Oil Complex® Active Hair and Scalp Serum
  • HPx Glamorous Glossing Serum
  • HPx Daily Nourishing Styling Cream
  • HPx Enriching Conditioner
  • HPx Stimulating Shampoo