Men's Hair Care System

A results-driven range for thinning hair designed for today’s man

HPx with the proprietary Ekakshi Oil Complex® was designed by Dr. Steven Ringler, to address and solve this very specific problem.

Dr. Ringler is a pioneer for bio-active formulas for thinning hair.
A curated collection of the finest ingredients, this amazing oils with a synergistic mix of medium-chained fatty acids antioxidants and DHT blockers are crucials to the formation of healthy hair and to stimulate growth and density.

Daily Nourishing
Styling Cream

The 3-Step Process

Activate & Stimulate

Activation of the Core & Roots
The biological function of the follicle is to facilitate the reproduction of hair. The dynamic unique properties of the Ekakshi Oil Complex increases blood flow and oxygen levels at the core, stimulating and invigorating growth.

Cleanse & Care

Hair Strand Length Maintenance
As that hair grows and ages into the world it has to withstand exposure to environmental stressors, heating tools, hair coloring and chemical processes. Maintaining a pure & healthy hair strands during the cleansing & care phase is essential for vitality, strength, and elasticity.

Style & Glamour

Fashionable Care of the Hair
The average hair growth is 6 to 8 inches per year. During that span hair matures and it is constantly under stress and exposed to many stressors. We provide synergistic way of using styling products that are nourishing and beneficial to strands, yet at the same time highly luxurious and glamorous for every stylish moment of the day.

The Ekakshi Oil Complex®