Brandon Ringler



Brandon Ringler, CEO, and Board Member of Hair Prescriptives, is a dynamic leader with a career journey that underscores his commitment to excellence. An alumnus of Harvard Business School, Brandon has held senior leadership positions at renowned companies such as Tesla, Samsung, Dyson, and Bang & Olufsen, where he left an indelible mark with his strategic vision and innovative thinking.

Prior to his role at Hair Prescriptives, Brandon's career achievements included pivotal contributions at these industry giants. His involvement in the electric vehicle revolution at Tesla and his contributions to Samsung's first-ever direct sales program highlight his passion for driving change and pushing boundaries.

Brandon's professional journey also reflects his dedication to both country and community. As a decorated veteran of the United States Coast Guard Reserve, he embodies a sense of duty that extends beyond the boardroom.

His educational background, including credentialing from Harvard Business School, underscores his commitment to personal and professional growth. Today, Brandon resides in Miami with his wife, Eden, and their infant daughter, Zosia.

With a rich history of success and a bright future ahead, Brandon Ringler's leadership continues to drive innovation and growth at Hair Prescriptives.