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A Scientific Synergistic range of products designed by Dr. Steven L. Ringler designed to boost hair vitality, volumize and stop thinning.

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The Clinical Grade, Anti-Aging Hair Care Treatment System, derived from HPx Ekakshi Oil Complex®.

The HPx’s Hair Care range is a clinically-proven, botanical choice for thinning hair and temporary hair loss

HPx contains a high potency, synergistic mix of medium-chained fatty acids, antioxidants and DHT blockers, crucial to the support of healthy hair growth.

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Proprietary Ekakshi Oil Complex®


Hair follicles can get damaged due to a number of factors such as stress, diet, hormone changes, poor blood circulation, environmental stressors that can result in thinning of hair, weak brittleness, lackluster strands and in worst cases hair loss.

Healthy hair is directly related to the condition of the scalp and the follicles. Taking simple, but effective, steps in the early stages of the problem and opting for the right hair care routine is instrumental for hair growth, longevity and quality of the strands.

The Ekakshi Oil Complex® is a blend of the very rare one-eyed coconut from the Philippines, combined with other bio-active botanical oils, crucial to the formation of healthy hair.

A synergistic mix of medium-chained fatty acids antioxidants and DHT blockers, with an increased oxygen effect.


Clinically proven to increase blood flow and oxygen levels to the scalp, the Ekakshi Oil Complex® nourishes and strengthens the follicle at the core, giving the hair cortex and cuticles optimum vitality, elasticity and durability.

The Ekakshi Oil Complex® greatly improves the density, thickness and overall volume.

The 3-Step Process

A process developed by Dr. Steven L. Ringler and Celebrity Hair Stylist Giannandrea to achieve healthy & voluminous hair from roots to ends. No matter what hair texture you have, the growth journey for each strand is equivalent.
All HPx products contain the Ekakshi Oil complex® and they were created to address the journey of each hair strand from birth at the scalp, as well as exposure to the environment.

Activate & Stimulate

Activation of the Core & Roots
The biological function of the follicle is to facilitate the reproduction of hair. The dynamic unique properties of the Ekakshi Oil Complex increases blood flow and oxygen levels at the core, stimulating and invigorating growth.

Cleanse & Care

Hair Strand Length Maintenance
As that hair grows and ages into the world it has to withstand exposure to environmental stressors, heating tools, hair coloring and chemical processes. Maintaining a pure & healthy hair strands during the cleansing & care phase is essential for vitality, strength, and elasticity.

Style & Glamour

Fashionable Care of the Hair
The average hair growth is 6 to 8 inches per year. During that span hair matures and it is constantly under stress and exposed to many stressors. We provide synergistic way of using styling products that are nourishing and beneficial to strands, yet at the same time highly luxurious and glamorous for every stylish moment of the day.

The Ekakshi Oil Complex Treatment

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