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Created by Nature.
Perfected By Science.

Hair Prescriptives: the essential treatment for full, beautiful, healthy hair.

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the key to natural hair restoration

Hair Prescriptives® complete hair care system is your foundation for thicker, younger, and healthier hair.


Physician Formulated, Botanical Hair Care System

Hair Prescriptives® is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development by board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Ringler and The Hair Restoration Institute. 

Formulated by physicians at the Hair Restoration Institute (HRI), a leading center for advancements in hair care treatment, Hair Prescriptives® products are clinical grade, incorporating the most effective active hair care botanicals found in nature.



The founder


Dr. Steven L. Ringler is a board-certified Grand Rapids, Michigan plastic surgeon recognized nationally and internationally renowned for his achievements and educational leadership in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Developed by Dr. Ringler at the Hair Restoration Institute, Hair Prescriptives® is an anti-aging, botanical hair care system, offering superior results for noticeably thicker, healthier, and younger looking hair.