About Hair Prescriptives




Welcome to Hair Prescriptives® a new, proactive and clinically-proven hair care system for men and women designed to foster thicker, healthier and more beautiful hair. The range is ideal for all types and textures.
Hair Prescriptives® was created by Dr. Steven L. Ringler, founder of Hair Restoration Institute, LLC, a leading center for advancements in hair care treatment in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His dedication to research has led him to develop patents for a non-surgical, botanical hair loss/thinning hair and volumizing treatment.
Thanks to his years of research and development Dr. Ringler developed the Hair Prescriptives® (HPx) range, a botanically-based hair regimen that delivers measurable, clinical results for those experiencing temporary hair loss and thinning hair. He has identified unique active botanicals, never used before in haircare, that can correct the biochemical imbalance that often contributes to thinning hair and hair loss.
Hair Prescriptives® products incorporate one of the most effective and active hair care botanicals found in nature: Ekakshi Oil.

This unique ingredient is extracted from the very rare one-eyed coconut from the Philippines.

This rare, botanically-active extract invigorates hair follicles with results that are clinically proven to improve hair density, texture and volume. HPx's proprietary Ekakshi Oil Complex®, is a synergistic and powerful mix of medium-chained fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vasodilators.

Researchers have found that the unique properties of this rare oil also provide antimicrobial properties to the Hair Prescriptives® therapeutic regimen. In addition, the Ekakshi Oil's medium-chained fatty acid profile consists of caprylic and lauric acids which support healthy hair growth while helping to repair damaged, lifeless or dull hair. Results? Beautiful, thicker, healthier hair every day!

After many years of successful use and results with his patients at the Hair Restoration Institute, Dr. Ringler decided to make the Hair Prescriptives® range available for use in professional salons and medispas, offering both in-salon treatments, and at-home maintenance products.


In both independent and HRI clinical studies, Hair Prescriptives® hair and scalp serum improved the density and texture of hair more successfully than some of the most popular prescription hair-growth medications over the same given timeframe. Moreover, the improvement continued with further treatment! So, the longer the treatment span the better the results were with more bountiful, beautiful hair.

* clinical studies available upon request