Hair Prescriptives Hair Care’s Glamorous Glossing Serum® Adds The Finishing Touch To Any Hairstyle

Hair Prescriptives Hair Care’s Glamorous Glossing Serum®  Adds The Finishing Touch To Any Hairstyle

Every hairstyle deserves a big finish! HPx Glamorous Glossing Serum from Hair Prescriptives is perfect for adding that finishing touch to any style and any texture of hair!  Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that deliver luminous shine without weighing the hair down, this luxurious serum contains HPx’s proprietary Ekakshi Oil Complex, a bio-active botanical oil extracted from the rare one-eyed coconut found in the Phillippines. You will be amazed at the immediate difference in your hair! The synergistic mix of medium chain fatty acids, key antioxicants, DHT blockers and antimicrobial ingredients is crucial to the formation of healthy, beautiful, voluminous hair.

Suitable for all types and textures of hair, from fine and straight to curly and coily, HPx Glamorous Glossing Serum is gluten-free, parabens and sulfates so it’s safe for use on color-treated or chemically-treated hair. What’s more, it can be used on wet or dry hair!

Celebrity hairstylist Marco Pelusi loved applying a few drops of the glossing serum to slightly damp hair that’s thick, coarse or wavy before blow-drying to provide enough slip to work a comb through each strand without breakage. Clients with fine hair are another story.

Pelusi says, “I teach them how to emulsify a pea-size amount in their hands before applying it to dry hair. It helps to tell them to pretend they’re working lotion into their hands. The trick is not to overdo it when working with fine, thin hair. A little goes a long way.”

Unlike pomades, which can weigh down fine or thin hair, Pelusi likes to use a glossing serum to provide a bit of texture and lift to fine hair. “A lightweight gloss is perfect for piecing out fine, thin hair, especially in the fringe area.”

Hair Prescriptives® was created by Dr. Steven L. Ringler, founder of Hair Restoration Institute, LLC, a leading center for advancements in hair care treatment in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His dedication to research has led him to develop patents for a non-surgical, botanical hair loss/thinning hair and volumizing treatment. HPx Glamorous Serum is the latest in a range of products focused on thinning hair and hair loss.

Hair Prescriptives® is a botanically-based hair regimen that delivers measurable, clinical results for those experiencing temporary hair loss and thinning hair.  Hair Prescriptives® products incorporate one of the most effective and active hair care botanicals found in nature: Ekakshi Oil. This unique ingredient is extracted from the very rare one-eyed coconut from the Philippines.

This botanically-active extract invigorates hair follicles with results that are clinically proven to improve hair density, texture and volume. HPx's proprietary Ekakshi Oil Complex®, is a synergistic and powerful mix of medium-chained fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vasodilators.

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