Hair Prescriptives® Hair Care Shares The Top 3 Hair Trends For 2023

Hair Prescriptives® Hair Care  Shares The Top 3 Hair Trends For 2023

As we begin to ramp up to 2023, there’s no better time to start thinking about new hair trends than a brand-new year! This past year was full of dressed up ponytails and blowouts, but 2023 is already coming in strong with edgy haircuts, blast from the past inspirations, and layers. To achieve any of these trending looks, it starts with healthy, strong hair. Hair Prescriptives® Hair Care, the pro-active and clinically proven hair care range, is designed to support thicker, healthier, more beautiful hair to make any hair trend look even better.

The Top 3 Hair Trends we will be seeing in 2023 include:

  1. Modern Hollywood Bob: The Modern Hollywood Bob is having a moment and getting this style to stick is all part of the glam! HPx® Daily Nourishing Styling Cream is the perfect grooming solution to achieve this blast from the past look as it provides ultimate style control and is fabulous for wave definition. Comprised of Ekakshi Oil Complex®, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera, this lightweight cream nourishes hair while eliminating any unwanted frizz.
  1. Retro Curtain Bangs: Making a comeback from the past are the 1970s inspired curtain bangs. This face-framing style can be paired with a short or long cut and helps give texture to any type of hairstyle. HPx® Glamorous Glossing Serum can elevate this look by delivering a luminous shine, silky radiance, without weighing hair down. This luxurious serum is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants and contains 50% of the Ekakshi Oil Complex®. Suited for all hair types, straight, curly, or coiled hair can shine!
  1. Lots of Layers: The new year may be bringing shorter, edgier styles, but that doesn’t mean long hair is going out of style! Looking to give your hair some flare without chopping it off? Heavy layers are totally trending. Hair density and thickness is a big part of what makes this style look so good, and HPx Ekakshi Oil Complex®  Active Hair & Scalp Serum Treatment is designed to promote just that. This treatment is clinically proven to increase blood flow and oxygen levels to the scalp. It strengthens and nourishes each hair follicle at the core, giving cortex and cuticle optimum vitality, elasticity, and durability. 

Hair Prescriptives® products incorporate one of the most effective and active hair care botanicals found in nature: Ekakshi Oil. This unique ingredient is extracted from the very rare one-eyed coconut from the Philippines. It invigorates hair follicles with results that are clinically proven to improve hair density, texture, and volume while adding gorgeous shine.      

New year, new hair! When it’s time to change up your look, Hair Prescriptives® can help support visibly healthier, thicker, more beautiful hair for any style you’re ready to rock in 2023.

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