frequently asked questions

Q: How does Hair Prescriptives® differ from other hair care products on the market? 

A: Hair Prescriptives®  is a  hair care system  clinically formulated by board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Ringler at the Hair Restoration Institute.  Dr. Ringler has over 33 years experience in aesthetic surgery and has been developing  and refining Hair Prescriptives® for over 20 years. HPx is formulated based on Dr. RIngler's personal clinical interest and research in hair growth and health. Hair Prescriptives® is one of the first clinically based, physician-created hair care systems based on safe, botanical formulations combined with scientific insight. 

Q: Why is it best to use the entire HPx system? 


A:  Hair Prescriptives® was designed as a complete hair care system. With a combination of gentle, botanical ingredients for cleansing and conditioning, you can expect a synergistic effect of the products for optimal results when combined with regular treatments with the Active Hair Serum. 

Q: How long will it take for me to notice results in the condition of my hair? 

A: Although results may vary, many people notice improvement in their hair immediately following their first application of the HPx Active Hair Serum. Our clinical results indicate that after 6-12 weeks, most patients noticed a significant improvement in the overall quality of their hair. 

Q: Where are Hair Prescriptives® hair care products available? 

A: At this time Hair Prescriptives® is available exclusively at the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery and through this website.