What people are saying about hair PRESCRIPTIVes: 



The Hair Prescriptives oil treatments have made a remarkable difference. My hair is stronger, thicker and more substantial than I ever thought possible. Additionally, there is new hair growth along the scalp. I will continue to faithfully use the oil, and can only imagine the difference it will continue to make in time. Thank you for your expertise and effort in developing this wonderful treatment.
My hair hasn’t looked or felt this good in years. It is stronger, and feels thick and luxurious. The treatment nourishes my hair and scalp like nothing I have ever used, leaving my hair shiny and full of bounce. My hairdresser is amazed at how quickly my hair grows.
I started using the hair oils after having my first child and experiencing noticeably thinner hair, especially along my hair line. I would look at photos from a few years ago and just couldn’t pinpoint what was so different about my look. I looked noticeably older. After using the oils for 6 weeks, I began seeing “little fuzzy hairs” growing all along my hairline, especially my sides where I would tuck my hair back and the top of my head. After 12 weeks of using the oils, my temple area hairs have grown alongside the rest and my hairline has started looking dense again. My youth has returned simply with the use of these hair oils! I’m so glad I tried them and cannot stop recommending them to others!